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Anonymous: Fear makes us feel our humanity, what do u think this quote means? im tryna write an intro essay and its confusing :/


Us humans, we think we’re invincible. We believe we are strong enough, hardcore enough to not cry or hurt or feel in some ways. Fear is one of those emotions we don’t like to show off. So whenever we are scared, we really feel it inside right? Sometimes we cry because of fear, run because of fear even fight because of fear. But that’s what makes us human! The simple feeling of fear. I hope this helps you out a little. :)

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Last night I was at McDonald’s with one of my friend’s and that man started to randomly ask us questions like “how old are y’all?” And “do yall have boyfriends?” At first we were like what, why is he asking us and then five minutes later he said ” You know.. I have been married to the most amazing woman in the whole world for 52 years and we’ve been together for 55. But I don’t think there’s ever going to be another year after tonight or tomorrow night” this time we just turned to him and starting listening to him. “You see, my sweet lady is in the hospital right now, she has cancer. I just came back from there right now and even with all of the tubes, she still looks so beautiful. Tomorrow is certain to be her last day if it doesn’t happen tonight and Im not going to church in the morning because I want to spend every waking moment with her by her side. I love her so much.. it hurts. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her. I don’t want to be without her.” this time he had tears in his eyes, got up with struggle and said ” well it was nice talking to you ladies, but I have to go home to the dark to prepare and give this cheeseburger to my puppy.” And that was it, we just listened to him, and he left. This whole day I’ve been bothered because I have been complaining about how I can’t finish some damn essay while this man is about to or just lost his whole world.

Zayn at McDonalds today, 27/09. x




Attention is the most addictive drug that people use as medicine to cure loneliness and sleepless nights

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how do i die without telling my mom